CMYK Wall – coloured shadow lamp


The CMYK wall is  wall mounted light that cast coloured shadows. Like the original CMYK lamp, it projects interlacing lines of cyan, magenta and yellow, and has the wall and ceiling as a playground. You can interact, play & unravel the colourful mysteries of light. It has this particular property that enables you to show how the primary colours of light, red, green and blue, on the one hand, and the pigment colours, cyan, magenta and yellow, on the other, interact. It’s not just a light, it’s an intriguing story. 

LED technologies bend the rules of lighting. It’s small, use of low voltage and lasts almost forever. Light becomes something that is integrated. We don’t have to think about replacement any more. I wanted to make a shape which is between figurative and abstract. Hiding light source and power supply at the same time. You can see it as a standing creature, but it’s more up to the fantasy of the spectator. Something that is intriguing for you. Rising questions, Which I shouldn’t answer. It would spoil the fun of watching it.

From the serie CMYK corner, wall and up, the CMYK wall is the most subtle. The casted coloured lines are minimalistic.

The light is custom made, please send us a request by mail.

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  • Description


      • Product dimensions: (L) 21.3 (W) 16.3 (H) 17.8 cm
      • High quality nylon 3D printed frame (SLS) & coated.
      • 3 powerleds 3×3 Watt. 650 lm
      • Power rating: 100-240 volt (suiteable for the US and EU)
      • 5 year warranty on the entire lamp with at common usage. If, for whatever reason, it falls outside the warranty condition, a small cost reimbursement will be requested to repair problems.

    The light source is integrated in the frame. No CMYK bulb required


  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight 1000 g
    Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm